How To Choose A Financial Advisor
How To Choose A Financial Advisor

If you searching for a financial advisor then here, we are going to show you how how to choose a financial advisor for you without any hassle, so let’s start.

There are two types of people in the stock market, not only in the stock market but also in any field. The first one is they who make mistakes and learn from mistakes, and the other one is they who learn from others’ mistakes and don’t repeat the same mistake again.

Obviously, the second type of person is the most intelligent one. One of the best ways to become a member of the second category is to listen to others’ advice who have been in the market for a long time whom we call financial advisors.

So in this article, we will discuss how you can choose the best financial advisor for you. We will try to cover the most important choices where one needs a financial advisor, how to be careful and what precautions to take when you are going to choose the person who will guide you to manage your wealth.

But, before starting the article, let’s first discuss a common myth that pops up in the mind of most people when they hear the name of a financial advisor. People believe that a financial advisor is only for the upper-class society who have a lot of money. But This idea is not at all true.

If you are just an average salaried person, you can still talk to a financial advisor. Let’s understand the point that a financial advisor will not earn you money, but they will show you the path following which you can spend or save in a more guided way.

They will also guide you to achieve your financial goals in a more easy way and in a faster time. So it is not that only rich people should have financial advisors, a normal person can also have one, but the intention should be to become a better finance manager for yourself.

Decide What Part of Your Financial Life You Need Help With

Our life has versatile parts. Many people who are currently reading this article may not be engaged in just one type of work. Similarly, all the people here will not have the same financial condition and financial goals. That’s why it is the duty of every individual to decide which part of our financial life they need help with.

Similarly, one who earns thousands of dollars every month should seek another category of advice (like how they can save more from their earnings) than one who earns hundreds of dollars each month (unlike the previous types of people they tend to ask questions like how they can efficiently handle the earnings).

The advice one needs when he is in debt and free of all kinds of debt is different. That’s why it is advised to clarify your doubts about the sections you need help with.

Learn About the Different Types of Financial Advisors

As we have gained knowledge On the topics you should prepare before choosing any financial advisor, let’s talk about the next step. The next step you should follow is choosing a good financial advisor. To choose a good financial advisor, you need to know about the different types of financial advisors.

Not all financial advisors do the same work, and that’s why it is important. They can be classified according to their pay rate or according to their work type.

Types of financial advisors:

  • Free only financial advisor
  • Advisors who earn commission
  • Registered Investment Advisors

Let’s dive into detail.

Free only financial advisor

Free only financial advisors are the financial advisers who we do not directly pay. They are paid indirectly by the platforms we use. A great example of this platform may be the stockbroker you are using.

In the article on how to choose the best stock broker, We discussed the hidden charges that some brokerage firms charge as an annual fee for the best stockbroker. Many brokers do offer a free financial advisor, and in most cases, the financial advisor’s fees get included in the annual fees along with other charges. Thus, you can get a free financial advisor at a comparatively lower charge with your broker.

So, next time you are going to choose a new stockbroker, look at whether they are providing free financial advisors with these charges.

Problem with a free financial advisor

The main problem with free financial advisors is that they are not available publicly. As just one financial advisor is dedicated to many people, it sometimes becomes hard to reach them when we need any kind of financial help. Still, it is seen that people often get helped by them as they are appointed to do this very work.

Advisors who earn commission

There is also another type of financial advisor who earns a commission for their advice. Now you might wonder how they can earn commission just by giving advice. Advisors who work for insurance companies may be the best out there to describe it.

These types of advisors may not always be totally trustworthy, so you can not expect to get the perfect piece of information or guidance from these types of advisors. Commission earning advisors always force people to go for the products or subscribe to their products so they can earn a percentage of money from them. After all, they are the salesperson of the very company.

Though it is not that you will not get anything beneficial from them, we can’t totally ignore their advice. The best practice will be to analyze their advice and make the most of it.

For example, while choosing any Insurance Company, be sure to ask the advisor some questions regarding:

  • Period of premium.
  • Expected annual returns (if any).
  • Maximum and minimum-maximum and minimum coverage in different scenarios etc.

Registered Investment Advisors

Here comes the most important type of Advisors – Registered Investment Advisors known as RIA. Usually, registered investment Advisors are not a type of individual advisors; instead, some advisory companies are referred to as RIAs and certified financial planners.

Registered investment advisors are meant by us when we ask about investment advisors. Advisors who earn a commission for their advisors, these type advisors are great trustworthy.

As we can understand from the name, these types of financial advisors mainly focus on the investment section allowing you to invest your hard-earned money more effectively. It doesn’t mean that they won’t guide you with other financial problems (like high debt), but they mainly focus on investment planning and its effective execution.

There are two types of registered investment advisors classified according to their pay rate. One is free, and one is paid. As discussed above in this article, the charges of free investment advisors are included in the service charge of the organization that is offering them to their consumers.

The paid are the ones who are dedicated to this very work, and they advise the common people about investing to earn a probable greater amount of profits compared to the benchmark (for example, the index (NASDAQ / DOW JONES).

Certified financial planners don’t just cover the stock market. Instead, they also have a great extent of knowledge on other investment options like real estate, gold, bonds, etc. These advisors teach us how to diversify our portfolio to face the least amount of loss and the maximum amount of positive returns. Often certified financial planners don’t suggest you invest in just one type of investment option.

Decide How Much You Can Pay Your Financial Advisor

Before looking for the answer to the question – How to choose a financial advisor ?’ – you should keep in mind the fact that an investment advisor can cost. It doesn’t need to be said that not everyone earns the same amount of money. That’s why everyone doesn’t have financial needs. So this means that we should have a different budget for financial planning, which includes how much we can pay to our financial advisor.

If you are getting a free investment advisor and the tips you are getting are working for you, it is fine. But paid investment advisors do cost much; that’s why it isn’t possible for all of us to put effort into a top-class investment advisor.

Research Financial Advisors

Last, of all, there are numerous investment advisors in the United States only. Without proper data, we cannot conclude whether everybody’s an expert or not. That’s why to like how we analyzed stocks as Mutual Funds; there are many sites on the internet with which you can find and connect to trustworthy investment advisers.

Some of them are – 1) Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, 2) The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, 3) Garrett Planning Network, etc. You can go to the site of those companies to get the primary knowledge about the advisors and their expected fees. All those aforesaid companies have a good history of providing trusted financial advisors.

Some bonus Advisors to follow while choosing any investment Advisors

Is it hard to judge any person if we only talk to them directly, especially Financial Advisors, while choosing them, you should definitely have a direct chat with them?

While conversing, you can ask them some questions that will help you get a rough idea about their expertise in their respective fields. From this conversation, you can also overall judge the person whom you are going to give the duty to advise you on how effectively you can manage your wealth.


So this was all about the basics of how to choose a financial advisor. I hope you have got to know about a fair amount of things that you should keep in mind before choosing any financial advisor. We advise you to apply your common intelligence even after listening to your financial advisor before taking a major financial decision.

I am a well-skilled experience Stock Marketer and Investor. I have good knowledge of the stock market and investment. I have completed Bachelors in Finance And Investment from the University of Virginia (US).

By Sunil Kumar

I am a well-skilled experience Stock Marketer and Investor. I have good knowledge of the stock market and investment. I have completed Bachelors in Finance And Investment from the University of Virginia (US).

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