Best Trading Platforms for Day Trading

This article will look at the best trading platforms for day trading in 2023. We all know that intraday or day trading differs from regular investing. Regardless of the asset class, we talk about (be it equity or crypto), intraday trading is quite different from investing.

Note that in today’s article, we are mainly going to focus on the trading platforms that are great for equity, most of them support cryptocurrency trading, but they may not be as great as the best trading platforms of crypto.

First, let’s talk about some aspects where intraday trading differs from investing.


When we talk about investing, we generally mean long-term investing. The ideal time horizon for long-term investing is uncertain, at least in pen and paper. You can hold a stock/cryptos as long as possible. According to many legendary investors, the longer you hold a good stock, the better return it will offer.

While in day trading, no matter whatever you do or how many stocks you purchase, you have to square off (exit) all your active positions (active position refers to the stocks you are trading in day trading). It won’t matter whether you are in loss or profit; in the end, you must count your profit and loss and exit the positions.


In investing, we don’t have to take headaches such as getting our orders executed rapidly. Even if you are trading with a good amount of capital, the price range of stocks hardly varies, and if it does, the price will make a negligible difference from the aspect of long-term investing.

But, in intraday trading, especially if you do scalp trading, you need to choose the platforms where your orders get triggered at the fastest possible speed. Unlike long-term investing, here in day trading, differences in price as low as a fraction of a dollar may make a huge difference in profit or loss.

We have seen some notable differences between day trading and normal investing. Hence, the platform you use should be the best for day trading. Every day trader prefers the platform which provides them with facilities required for day trading. These facilities include fast order execution, bigger leverage, advanced charts, etc.

Let’s now briefly talk about the things you should look for in a trading platform before opening an account or starting day trading.

Speed of the platform:

There is nothing much to tell about. The fast your trading platform is, the faster your orders will get executed, and the more possibility will be there for you to make money.


Charges of any platform are one of the most vital factors to consider before choosing any trading platform. As we use trading platforms to check the stocks, analyze charts and similar types of data about stocks or place our orders in the exchange, we use the facility of the platform; that’s why most of the platforms charge us a nominal fee for it.

Before trading on any platform, you should know its fee structure and compare it with similar platforms to verify whether the platform fee is justified.  In this blog post below, we shall discuss the trading platforms that we feel are better for day trading.

So let’s start:

Best Trading Platforms for Day Trading 2023 List

  • Webull
  • Fidelity

Let’s dive into detail.

Webull – Best Trading Platform for Day Trading

The first trading platform we are going to talk about is Webull. Weibull is one of the best trading platforms across the United States that provides you with all the necessary facilities required for day trading.

First of all, Webull is quite easy to use. It is even beginner friendly. So if you are new to trading, you can start your journey with Webull.

The second thing is that the cost and fees to take trades are comparatively low. There are many advanced features available in Webull that you can use to take a more accurate trade.

Finally, with Webull, you can even trade in crypto.

Pros of Webull

  • Beginner friendly.
  • Their platform is easy to navigate.
  • Short selling facility available.

But, there are a few drawbacks of Webull as well. With Webull, you can’t invest in mutual funds because Webull does not support mutual funds.

Cons of Webull

  • Not for investing in mutual funds.

E*TRADE Trading Platform for Day Trading

E*TRADE is one of the leading stock market brokers in the country. They have lots of cool features, which is why we have chosen this platform as one of the best trading platforms for day trading.

E*TRADE has almost everything that a trader needs. It has got some useful tools which are quite easy to use. We can’t but mention E*TRADE’s great customer support, who are dedicated to solving your complaints at a decent speed.

Most of the trading platforms nowadays, have fine mobile apps, but not everyone has a mobile platform that is almost as powerful and useful as their desktop/laptop/web platform.

E*TRADE is an exception. E*TRADE comes with a great mobile app with really good mobile app. So if you don’t get access to your desktop or laptop but still want to do trading, you can look for this platform for their brilliant mobile app.

Pros of E*TRADE

  • Great customer satisfaction team.
  • Provides access to various useful tools.
  • Has a good mobile app.

Cons of E*TRADE

  • The web interface could be improved.

Fidelity Trading Platform

Fidelity may be a good platform to consider if you want to take trades in different segments in the stock market, such as direct stocks, ETF, and derivatives segments like options.

The best thing we analyzed about Fidelity is that they provide a quality screener tool powered by a good historical database of stocks. If you are such a trader who deals with historical data of stocks, Fidelity provides you with that. Currently, they have at least 10 years of data about stocks that it includes in its screener tool. For stocks research also, Fidelity is quite useful.

Just like E*TRADE, Fidelity also has an excellent mobile application. The application has got quite good reviews on Google Play Store and App Store.

Their customer support is also fine, but the main problem with Fidelity remains in the charges for additional fees regarding brokerage.

Fidelity Pros

  • Good customer support.
  • Best for stock research.
  • Lets one trade in Stocks without any charge.


Day trading can be one of the best ways to make money out of the stock market. While it sounds very enthusiastic, beware of the risks involved in day trading. We always recommend making a solid strategy before taking any trade. If you are new to the stock market, we encourage you to learn the market first and then trade.


We hope that you will be able to select the best trading platforms for day trading on your own by using the data and strategy we have used to choose these platforms for this post.

Please note that we haven’t been able to add all the brokers to comply with the standard length of the post; that doesn’t mean that those trading platforms are any less than those we have mentioned here.

We are again enforcing on the matter to look for the brokerage charge and additional chargers because this is what you will have to keep paying as long as you trade. You can also read the reviews of these platforms on Google Play and the App store to know what the users think about the apps.

I am a well-skilled experience Stock Marketer and Investor. I have good knowledge of the stock market and investment. I have completed Bachelors in Finance And Investment from the University of Virginia (US).
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By Sunil Kumar

I am a well-skilled experience Stock Marketer and Investor. I have good knowledge of the stock market and investment. I have completed Bachelors in Finance And Investment from the University of Virginia (US).

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