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Best Student Loan Refinance

In this article, we’ll talk about the best student loan refinance companies.
It can be pretty hard to pay off student loan debt. First of all, the interest rate on student loans is comparatively higher on student loans. But, some companies can pay off the student loan, and in exchange for that, you will have to pay off a new loan that is estimated mostly based on your credit score.

Remember that these loans require a good credit score. The higher the credit score, the more favorable it is to take the new loan. Unfortunately, if you have less credit score, you may receive a new loan with a rate of annual interest that may be more than your current student loan – which ultimately does not make any sense.

Here is a list of some good companies you can consider to refinance your student loan debt, their basic introduction, and most importantly, PROS & CONS.

Best Student Loan Refinance Companies List

  • SoFi
  • Discover
  • Credible
  • Rhode Island Student Loan Authority
  • MEFA

Now let’s discuss these best student loan refinance companies in detail.


SoFi is one of the most prominent players in this industry. SoFi has flexible terms to repay your educational loan. The repayment period varies from 5 years to even 20 years at maximum.

The interest rate here varies from about 3 % per annum to about 8 % per annum. The best part about SoFI is that they require no origination fees. They will never request you to pay any application fees also. No pre-payment is necessary.

SoFi can also be your choice because it provides absolutely free access to career coaching and advice for better financial planning. SoFi also has a solid customer base. As per their data, more than 375K students have chosen their platform to refinance their educational loans.

To apply for a loan, you must first qualify in their online application process. Once you qualify online, you can only go for further application submission – i.e., complete application submission. This makes the process faster, and it won’t waste your time because you will get to know whether you are eligible or not without submitting the full application.

Pros of SoFi

  • Good customer base
  • The flexible loan repayment interval
  • Flexible interest rate

Cons of SoFi

  • The minimum borrowing amount is $5000

Discover: Best Student Loan Refinance Company

Discover is one of those student loan refinance options that allows you to refinance the exact amount of loan you would need in your college or university as the maximum amount of refinancing is equal to the cost of attendance for the case of it.

Like SoFI, Discover also has a flexible interest rate ranging from about 4 % to about 8% (though the APR can vary from 5 % to about 9.49%). But there are chances that if you have a cosigner with a good credit history and currently have a good credit score, the annual interest rate can decrease – all based on your cosigner’s credit history.

Discover charges 0 application fees, and there are no fees for origination also. If you have enabled their auto-debit reward option, you can also get an additional 0.25% off on the interest rate.

[Point to note: If the main borrower, unfortunately, passes away or becomes permanently disabled, Discover also tends to forgive loans in these cases]
The Point where Discover lacks is probably their terms of loan repayment. Unlike SoFi, they offer only two periods to refinance your loan, i.e., ten years / 20 years.

Pros of Discover

  • No origination fees or late fees
  • Flexible interest rate
  • Special forgiveness in case of selected mishaps with the main borrower

Cons of Discover

  • Only two terms are available to refinance your loan

Credible – Student Loan Refinance

Out of all the student loan refinance options we are talking about today, Credible probably has the lowest annual interest rate.

Now, Credible is different from all the above companies mentioned in the list, and the simple reason is that Credible is not an individual company. Credible is a tech-based company that provides a platform to find lenders with whom you can refinance your student loan.

The biggest problem with all the aforementioned online student loan refinancing options is that you can’t directly compare the annual payment rate and fees associated with the platforms at once – that requires an extra effort. But, with Credible, you can screen several lenders at once and thus can get a better opportunity to find a better lender.

Now we are going to discuss a well-known lender from Credible:

Rhode Island Student Loan Authority

Rhode Island Student Loan Authority is one of the well-known lenders from The annual interest rate of the Rhode Island Student Loan Authority is fixed at 4.29% to about 7 percent. There is no variable APR in it.
It is a nonprofit institution that provides services for people throughout the country. The loan terms vary from 5 – 15 years – there are three terms: 5 years, ten years & 15 years.

But, the minimum loan amount is even greater in this case – $7500 though the maximum credit limit is greater in this case also – $250,000. The borrowing student also won’t be required to have any academic degree to be eligible to receive the loan.

The foremost problem with Rhode Island Student Loan Authority is that they do not provide any cosigner release policy, which is probably why people seem to avoid the company.

Pros of Rhode Island Student Loan Authority

  • Flexible loan terms
  • Maximum loan amount of up to $250,000

Cons of Rhode Island Student Loan Authority

  • No cosigner release policy
  • The minimum loan amount is $7500

MEFA Student Loan Refinance

If you currently don’t have any academic degree but still looking for a student loan refinancing option, you can go with MEFA. MEFA also doesn’t have a complicated fee structure. There are almost negligible hidden fees & no late fees too.
It has a fixed annual payment rate of 4.5% – 7.20%. There are three loan terms – 7 years, ten years & 15 years.

The minimum amount of credit is $10,000, and there is no maximum credit limit. One of the most important criteria to be eligible to borrow/consolidate a student loan in MEFA is to have at least $24000 of income. MEFA does not provide cosigner release.

Pros of MEFA

  • Three loan payment terms
  • No academic degree is required to borrowing
  • No maximum credit limit of loan

Cons of MEFA

  • No-signer can’t be released
  • The minimum loan period is seven long years for even a small loan


So, that’s all about the best student loan refinance companies. We hope to provide you with the basic knowledge about the most popular student loan refinancing & consolidation companies.

Needless to say, the thing we all be looking for in this list is the name of the company that provides student loan refinance service with the lowest interest rate.

In this list, we have also included the name of a ‘marketplace’ from which you can select your wishful lender by comparing their APR, loan periods, and other necessary details.

Thanks for reading this blog. If you think we are missing something in the article that needs to be included, you can leave a comment, and we’ll update the article based on what everyone is saying.

Best Trading Platforms for Day Trading

This article will look at the best trading platforms for day trading. We all know that intraday or day trading differs from regular investing. Regardless of the asset class, we talk about (be it equity or crypto), intraday trading is quite different from investing.

Note that in today’s article, we are mainly going to focus on the trading platforms that are great for equity, most of them support cryptocurrency trading, but they may not be as great as the best trading platforms of crypto.

First, let’s talk about some aspects where intraday trading differs from investing.


When we talk about investing, we generally mean long-term investing. The ideal time horizon for long-term investing is uncertain, at least in pen and paper. You can hold a stock/cryptos as long as possible. According to many legendary investors, the longer you hold a good stock, the better return it will offer.

While in day trading, no matter whatever you do or how many stocks you purchase, you have to square off (exit) all your active positions (active position refers to the stocks you are trading in day-trading). It won’t matter whether you are in loss or profit; in the end, you must count your profit and loss and exit the positions.


In investing, we don’t have to take headaches such as getting our orders executed rapidly. Even if you are trading with a good amount of capital, the price range of stocks hardly varies, and if it does, the price will make a negligible difference from the aspect of long-term investing.

But, in intraday trading, especially if you do scalp trading, you need to choose the platforms where your orders get triggered at the fastest possible speed. Unlike long-term investing, here in day trading, differences in price as low as a fraction of a dollar may make a huge difference in profit or loss.

We have seen some notable differences between day trading and normal investing. Hence, the platform you use should be the best for day trading. Every day trader prefers the platform which provides them with facilities required for day trading. These facilities include fast order execution, bigger leverage, advanced charts, etc.

Let’s now briefly talk about the things you should look for in a trading platform before opening an account or starting day trading.

Speed of the platform:

There is nothing much to tell about. The fast your trading platform is, the faster your orders will get executed, and the more possibility will be there for you to make money.


Charges of any platform are one of the most vital factors to consider before choosing any trading platform. As we use trading platforms to check the stocks, analyze charts and similar types of data about stocks or place our orders in the exchange, we use the facility of the platform; that’s why most of the platforms charge us a nominal fee for it.

Before trading on any platform, you should know its fee structure and compare it with similar platforms to verify whether the platform fee is justified.  In this blog post below, we shall discuss the trading platforms that we feel are better for day trading.

So let’s start:

Best Trading Platforms for Day Trading 2022

  • Webull
  • Fidelity

Let’s dive into detail.

Webull – Best Trading Platform for Day Trading

The first trading platform we are going to talk about is Webull. Weibull is one of the best trading platforms across the United States that provides you with all the necessary facilities required for day trading.

First of all, Webull is quite easy to use. It is even beginner friendly. So if you are new to trading, you can start your journey with Webull.

The second thing is that the cost and fees to take trades are comparatively low. There are many advanced features available in Webull that you can use to take a more accurate trade.

Finally, with Webull, you can even trade in crypto.

Pros of Webull

  • Beginner friendly.
  • Their platform is easy to navigate.
  • Short selling facility available.

But, there are a few drawbacks of Webull as well. With Webull, you can’t invest in mutual funds because Webull does not support mutual funds.

Cons of Webull

  • Not for investing in mutual funds.

E*TRADE Trading Platform for Day Trading

E*TRADE is one of the leading stock market brokers in the country. They have lots of cool features, which is why we have chosen this platform as one of the best trading platforms for day trading.

E*TRADE has almost everything that a trader needs. It has got some useful tools which are quite easy to use. We can’t but mention E*TRADE’s great customer support, who are dedicated to solving your complaints at a decent speed.

Most of the trading platforms nowadays, have fine mobile apps, but not everyone has a mobile platform that is almost as powerful and useful as their desktop/laptop/web platform.

E*TRADE is an exception. E*TRADE comes with a great mobile app with really good mobile app. So if you don’t get access to your desktop or laptop but still want to do trading, you can look for this platform for their brilliant mobile app.

Pros of E*TRADE

  • Great customer satisfaction team.
  • Provides access to various useful tools.
  • Has a good mobile app.

Cons of E*TRADE

  • The web interface could be improved.

Fidelity Trading Platform

Fidelity may be a good platform to consider if you want to take trades in different segments in the stock market, such as direct stocks, ETF, and derivatives segments like options.

The best thing we analyzed about Fidelity is that they provide a quality screener tool powered by a good historical database of stocks. If you are such a trader who deals with historical data of stocks, Fidelity provides you with that. Currently, they have at least 10 years of data about stocks that it includes in its screener tool. For stocks research also, Fidelity is quite useful.

Just like E*TRADE, Fidelity also has an excellent mobile application. The application has got quite good reviews on Google Play Store and App Store.

Their customer support is also fine, but the main problem with Fidelity remains in the charges for additional fees regarding brokerage.

Fidelity Pros

  • Good customer support.
  • Best for stock research.
  • Lets one trade in Stocks without any charge.


Day trading can be one of the best ways to make money out of the stock market. While it sounds very enthusiastic, beware of the risks involved in day trading. We always recommend making a solid strategy before taking any trade. If you are new to the stock market, we encourage you to learn the market first and then trade.


We hope that you will be able to select the best trading platforms for day trading on your own by using the data and strategy we have used to choose these platforms for this post.

Please note that we haven’t been able to add all the brokers to comply with the standard length of the post; that doesn’t mean that those trading platforms are any less than those we have mentioned here.

We are again enforcing on the matter to look for the brokerage charge and additional chargers because this is what you will have to keep paying as long as you trade. You can also read the reviews of these platforms on Google Play and the App store to know what the users think about the apps.

How to Become an Investment Banker

This is a complete guide post on how to become an investment banker. If you’re interested in becoming an investment banker, this guide will walk you through the process quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for the best way to become an investment banker or just want to know what’s involved, this guide will help you a lot.

Investment banking is one of the most money-producing jobs for any individual in any country. Especially in the US, where a fresher gets paid quite more than even a software engineer, people think of becoming an investment banker.

In this post, we will look at different sides of investment banking. We shall discuss different questions regarding investment banking, starting from – what it is, how it is different from commercial banks (the banks that we deal with in our regular life), and of course – the main topic of the post – How to become a successful investment banker.

So, let’s start the post from the absolute beginning so that you can understand everything related to investment banking.

Investment banking is a kind of big banking system that usually involves great transactions with giant companies for loans, IPO, etc.

So, investment banking is the profession where you take care of and assist mostly financial transactions between giant companies for ultra-big transactions. Investment banking is never as easy as commercial banking, and that’s the reason why investment bankers get double or even triple the salary of a normal commercial banker.

The first step to getting into any job is to study and gain the required knowledge. The same applies to investment banking. In the upcoming lines, you will learn about the academic qualifications you will need to become an investment banker.

Finish Class 12 To Become an Investment Banker

The first step to getting into investment banking from the academic perspective is to pass out your 12th class. In some countries, there are some necessities for having good marks (for example – more than 50%) to get into investment banking.

If you haven’t passed class 10th and are planning to get into only these kinds of fields, the most appropriate field of study will be commerce. However, students from Science backgrounds can also come into this field. Even if you are from an Arts background, investment banking will not be the toughest job for you.

A great academic performance is always a key point in the way of getting selected for any job. So a good academic performance or a glorious mark sheet is always preferred.

The Mark Sheet

The mark sheet indicates your rote learning ability in the particular class and your ability to grasp things at a certain age and digest them – which is undoubtedly a matter to consider for a job interviewer. Investment banking is one of the most preferred jobs in the United States; that’s why the demand to get into the field is pretty high. And some factors keep you ahead of others in your career.

The college/university

It’s a fact that interviewers usually give preferences to the students appearing from good and renowned colleges or universities. Because it ensures that the student who has been admitted to a top college or university has at least a good depth of knowledge in their field.

So, if you are from a good school or college, the chances to crack an interview in any investment bank are usually in your favor during the interview. Interviewers are seen to prioritize students appearing from top-tier colleges like – Oxford university or Cambridge University.

But, if you are not from any renowned school or college, don’t worry. You still have plenty of chances to be an investment banker (remember: we have said that students from top schools or colleges get priority/preference, but they are not the only ones who get selected.) But it is always recommended that you should have depth in the subject you are studying.

If you got a good college degree, the next thing you can do is to get into an advanced study in finance, especially investment banking. There are many colleges in the US which are offering these kinds of degrees.

Having one of these degrees on your resume surely puts you ahead of any interviewer. They also certify that you are more eligible for the job than others because you know what the job deals with and will be your duty in the job. An MBA is one of the preferred degrees in this case, and again, an MBA from a top college is always in your favor.

Interview To Become an Investment Banker

From the very later of getting just a college degree, you should look for these interviews of investment banks held in different places. The best places are the interviews held in your college – which provide the maximum chances of getting selected. Get good marks, grab some related skills, and you are all set.


So these were the basic steps to becoming an investment banker. We have only discussed the most common ways to become an investment banker. Getting a job is never easy because of the popularity of the field and the demand for the job. An internship might help you make the impression of already having previous knowledge of the job, which is highly appreciated.

How To Buy ETFs

In this post, I will show you how to buy ETFs in detail, so without wasting time let’s start.

When we talk about investing in the stock market, we generally talk about investing in an asset class named Equity.
In Equity also, We have several categories to invest in. We can either invest in stocks directly, or we can buy ETF also. A mutual fund is another way to invest in the stock market, but it is less active. And the mutual fund is not the topic of this post; hence let’s avoid that.

The thing we are going to discuss in this post is – How To Buy ETFs. 
Before learning the process of buying ETFs, how about knowing a brief description of ETFs?

ETFs stand for Exchange Traded Funds. The general meaning brought out by these three words is that ETF is one kind of fund traded over the stock exchange.

ETFs are much similar to any mutual fund, but they have some fundamental differences. ETFs are also a bunch of stocks traded on the stock exchanges, like the New York stock exchange, Nasdaq, etc.
If you want to know the differences between mutual funds and ETFs, jump to the FAQ section.

Now, let’s directly come back to our discussion on how you can buy ETFs.

  1. Open a brokerage account
  2. Make a strategy for investment
  3. Know about your ETFs
  4. Know when to exit

Let’s dive into detail.

1. Open A Brokerage Account To Buy ETFs

First things first, ETFs are funds that are traded on an exchange. That’s why to buy any ETF, you will need to have a brokerage account. A brokerage account is needed to buy ETFs and any stock traded on the public exchange.
There are different types of brokerage accounts. Here we are going to talk about some of them.

Type of brokerage accounts

  • Taxable
  • Retirement account
  • 529 account
  • Financial Advisor


A taxable brokerage account is the most common and popular brokerage account. By opening this account, you must pay a normal tax per the standard rate. There is no exclusive offer regarding taxes in this account.
Standard taxes will be applied according to capital gain in this account.

Retirement Account

A retirement account has the advantage of saving taxes. These accounts are preferred if your financial goal is mostly to secure the days after your retirement.
But, these retirement account has some disadvantages in terms of the annual credit limit. The maximum amount of stock / ETF brought annually should be less than $6000.

529 Account

A 529 account is best if you are aged below 30 (for younger people) and want to start a good habit of investing. A 529 account is probably the best account to cover educational expenses during or even before college life. The capital gains of a 529 account are free of cost unless it is expensed for any work other than educational expenses. Currently, 529 accounts have gained quite popularity as a source of expenditure for educational expenses.

Financial Advisor

Many brokers offer some extra facilities after opening a brokerage account with them. One of the best services that they offer is the personal financial advisor. Taking about ETFs, a personal financial advisor can help you to pick the best ETF according to your investment goals and capital. If you don’t want to spend time on financial planning, this provides an excellent opportunity.

That’s why it’s good to look at the extra services your preferred broker offers and the price point at which they offer them.

2. Make A Strategy For Investment

Before doing anything in our life, we must have a strong strategy for it. This is 100% true in the case of investments. A proper strategy of investment will help you to be a successful investor.
There are different kinds of ETFs. Investing all your wealth in just a single type of ETF makes no sense.

This is the case where asset allocation comes into the picture. As the saying of the greatest investor – Warren Buffet goes – ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ – In the world of investment, it means that we should never allocate all our money to just one type of ETF / stock.
Though asset allocation depends on your capability to take risks and your age, still, a rough estimate can be gained from these lines that follow:

  • Equity
  • Bond / Fixed income ETFs


Equity ETFs are the type of ETF that has the best potential to grow and provide you with the biggest percentage of gain. But, as the chances of the percentage of returns grow, so does the risk. In Equity, the money invested in ETFs is invested directly in stocks. Their investor becomes a direct owner of the company they have invested in.
In short, while Equity has the best possibility to give you the best returns, it is also the riskiest asset of investment.

Bond / Fixed income ETFs

Next, we have bonds and fixed-income ETFs. These are the types of ETFs that almost ensures a fixed return on your investment. But, the percentage of return is comparatively low in this case. Bonds and fixed income ETFs are great options to diversify and protect your portfolio.

The type of ETF you should invest in directly correlates with your age.

When you are younger age, you have better risk-taking ability. But, as you grow up, you tend to take lesser risks and want to save your capital.
That’s why you should buy more equity stocks / ETFs at an early age, which are generally considered riskier. And, as you grow up, you should invest your money in different government bonds with lesser risk.

3. Know About Your ETFs

When people get money in their hands, they seem unaware of the products they spend their money on. A similar thing applies to stocks and ETFs.
ETFs are collections of stocks, and it’s a fact that not every stock is great from an investment perspective. That’s why anyone purchasing ETFs should be careful of the stocks that are included in the ETFs.
If you are interested in a particular sector (let’s say – IT), you can purchase sector-based ETFs. Sector-based ETFs contain stocks that are from similar sectors.

4. Know When To Exit:

A perfect investment strategy should include a specific time horizon during which you will hold the stocks, ETF. Everybody invests in getting an estimated percentage of returns over a certain period.
When investing, you should have in mind a particular time frame or an estimated percentage of returns after which you can exit your investment.
You can also take help from any financial expert if you fail to determine these things.


This article contains the basic facts one must know before buying any ETF and a brief guide to buying an ETF. We have covered every point – from choosing the broker to the timeframe you should hold and exit your investment. We hope that this article will be able to guide you on the path of making your first investment in ETFs. Comment down if there are any queries regarding this very topic.

Best Online Mortgage Lenders

This blog post will have a good outlook on the Best Online Mortgage Lenders 2022. If you are reading this post, be sure not to worry because the list of the best online mortgage lenders of July 2022 is not valid for this month only but months after the post of the blog.
We know that things are turning digital rapidly. For instance, almost the whole banking system has gone digital. The same applies to the case of mortgage lenders. Now you can apply for a mortgage loan conveniently from your house.
In this article, we will only discuss the best online mortgage lenders.

List of Online Mortgage Lenders

  • Guaranteed Rate
  • PNC Bank
  • Ally
  • Quicken Loans

Let’s dive into detail.

Guaranteed Rate Online Mortgage Lender

Guaranteed Rate is one of the best mortgage lenders out there. It has got really good ratings from many reviewing websites, so we have ranked the lender at the top of today’s list.

Preapproval time:

This fact does not only apply to the particular mortgage lender but is a common factor for any mortgage/home loan lender. So it’s good to know about it. A pre-approved loan means that the lender (mortgage lender in this case) is ready to lend the loan amount to the borrower even before the borrower has applied for the loan.

In most cases, a pre-approved loan gets approved within just 3-5 working days, but if things get worse, the approval duration can go as long as a few weeks.

In our case, the preapproval time for Guaranteed Rate is just 1 – 2 working days. As a borrower, you will get a confirmation of getting pre-approved within just 1-2 working days. If you have already gone through the article, you have probably realized that this preapproval time is significantly much more than the preapproval time of most other lenders.

Credit requirement:

Guaranteed Rate also tries to guarantee returns. Why? – Simply because it has a low credit score requirement. A borrower needs a 600 credit score to be qualified for a mortgage loan. But, you’ll need a 700 credit score 

Guaranteed Rate also has a good company chai. Its presence is there in every state of the United States. There are over 300 branches of lenders across the country.
You can apply for a mortgage loan at Guaranteed Rate online and obviously in their 300 offline centers.

Pros of Guaranteed Rate Online Mortgage Lender

  • Wide availability offline in every state.
  • The minimum credit score requirement is low.

Cons of Guaranteed Rate

  • Guaranteed Rate does not offer equity home loans.
  • Preapproval time is more than the latter one.

PNC Bank Online Mortgage Lender

If 1/2 days preapproval time is too long for you, you should go for a PNC Bank mortgage loan.
PNC bank offers a broad category of mortgage loans, including special offers for borrowers with less annual income. You can apply for the loan from their offline office or online through their website. Not to mention, they are operational in every state of the United States.

While Guaranteed Rate took 1 – 2 business days for the preapproval of your loan, PNC Bank does the job in just half an hour.
The Rate of interest of the mortgage is also affordable compared to other mortgage lenders. As we’ve already mentioned, PNC bank offers facilities, especially for borrowers with moderate-low income schemes.
In PNC bank’s case, most loans get settled within 30-45 days.

Pros of PNC Bank

  • Blazing fast preapproval time.
  • The minimum credit score requirement is also lower than the industry average.
  • The convenience of both online and offline loan borrowing.

Cons of PNC Bank

  • A renovation mortgage loan is not available.
  • Doesn’t offer any USDA loan.

Ally Online Mortgage Lender

Suppose the preapproval time in the case of PNC Bank was fast. In that case, we will never hesitate to remark Ally’s preapproval time as ‘extremely fast.’ Because the preapproval time of any loan borrowed from Ally is just 3 minutes.

Applying for loans in Ally is quite simple; everything can be done online. In the case of a successful transaction, the two parties need to physically meet only when it is the time to settle the transaction. Note that Ally does not offer any offline loans.

The borrower needs a minimum credit requirement of 620 to be eligible to receive a mortgage loan.
Unlike the previous two, Ally is not available throughout the United States. They don’t offer service in New York, Virginia, Hawaii, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Vermont & Wyoming.
So, a little bad luck if you belonged to these states.
We have liked Ally for another reason – the processing time of loans. Just like the preapproval time.

Pros of Ally

  • Extremely fast preapproval time (only 3 minutes).
  • Fast loan processing.
  • Low minimum credit score requirement.

Cons of Ally

  • Not available in every state. (For the list of states, kindly refer to the above).
  • Does not offer loans like VA, USDA, etc.

Quicken Loans Online Mortgage Lender

If you want great customer support & do have sufficient time in your hand for loan approval and overall settlement, we recommend you to go for Quicken Loans.
Quicken loans offer satisfactory customer service. The whole process can be done online.

Though it takes about one working day to preapproval mortgage loans in Quicken Loans, it takes only a few minutes to approve the loans fully. However, the average settlement period of mortgage loans is about 45-50 working days.

We have included Quicker loans in this list because of their ratings by different customers. Consumers selected it as the best mortgage service provider in 2022. They have a record of winning the title continuously for 7 consecutive years!
Unlike Ally, it is available in every part of the country.
Regarding credit score requirements, the credit score requirement is 620 for Quicken Loans.

Quicken Loans Pros

  • Good customer service.
  • Customer selected best ‘Mortgage service provider’ for 7 consecutive years.
  • Available throughout the country along with their online service.

Quicken Loans Cons

  • The average settlement period is more than the category average.

Frequently asked questions about Mortgage Lenders & Mortgage Loans

What is the difference between preapproval & pre-qualifying?

Preapproval and pre-qualifying are just the steps to getting qualified for a loan.
While these two words may sound very similar, they have a tiny difference in meaning. In simple words, pre-qualifying is the first step in qualifying for a loan, while preapproval is the second.
Your pre-qualifying ability for a loan can be checked even online within just a few minutes. In contrast, it generally takes a few days to receive the confirmation for getting pre-approved for a (mortgage) loan.


Hope you have gained some good knowledge about the best online mortgage lenders of the year from this article. This alignment of the mortgage lenders in this list does not ensure their performance.
For every mortgage lender in this list, we have mentioned their average settlement period from which you can get a clear conception of the time they will be taking to complete the process.

There are lenders from different categories in this list – some are fast loan processors, and some have good customer service. We have also included the best and the worst fact about every lender in the pros and cons section. From this pros and cons section, you can briefly look at the best and worst facts about the lender at a glance.
It’s up to you what you will choose.

Best Small Business Insurance

This blog post looks at some of the best small business insurance options for your company in 2022.

Accidents are unpredictable. Be it personal future or the future of any business – everything is unpredictable. So there should be a supportive instrument that can act as a backup in these unpredictable and unwanted situations.

Insurances are considered to be one of these tools when it comes to the matter of defending against these unwanted situations. The need for insurance is different for every individual. The same applies to companies/businesses.

Especially for small businesses play a more vital role in boosting the financial condition after any mishap. As mid & large-cap companies receive investments from well-known inventors, the need for this insurance is comparatively less required for the mid & large-cap companies.

Additionally, these companies typically follow better risk management techniques, which almost every small business often lacks.
For these reasons above, it is recommended for every small business to have business insurance.
This article will give us a good outlook on the best small business insurance for the year 2022.

Best Small Business Insurance 2022

  • State Farm
  • Allianz
  • CNA
  • Chubb

Let’s dive into detail.

State Farm Small Business Insurance

With many incredible benefits to the businesses, we have ranked StateFarm as the top insurance provider on this list.


  • The first fact to consider about State Farm is that State Farm offers insurance coverage for a wide range of incidents.
  • They have also been able to cover different regions of the US.
  • For an A++ rating by AM Best, it can be said that this insurance provider is best in its own place.
  • They also provide other types of coverage, including add-ons like backups for in-home businesses.


With over 86 million customers worldwide, Allianz is one of the best small business insurance providers and has ranked second on this list. They are available worldwide, including the US, UK, Japan, Germany, India, etc. 

This company has been involved in this sector for more than 130 years, which ensures that the chances of getting your claim in case of an accident are much better here. And this is not a matter written in pen and paper; over the years, they have successfully proved the fact.

CNA Small Business Insurance

Thousands of businesses have evolved after the covid epidemic period. Not only that, thousands of businesses have reshaped CNA‘s existence after the Covid period.
These businesses have some basic things in common, and that is, most of the businesses are based online. This list knot includes the name of the big startups and the anime of mid-cap and small companies.
But there is hardly any company that provides insurance for online-based companies. Small businesses which run a part of their business online can also go for these kinds of insurance.


  • A special advantage of CNA insurance includes cyber risk insurance. Cyber security has always been a challenge for every company, big tech giants like Facebook, Microsofts, or toddler startups. Their insurance cover cuber risks too.
  • However, CNA is not limited to online business insurances only; they provide insurance to various businesses in a wide range of fields. For example, the number can easily cross 150 or even 180.
  • CNA is a very popular name in the list of insurance companies; why won’t it? – It is one of the largest insurance providers in the USA.
  • CNA has also claimed another bonus point for their typical time of providing the claim. In most cases, it is generally within 24 hours only.


  • The main problem we have found with CNA has nothing to do with their insurance. It has been found that CNA doesn’t have an adequate number of customer reviews on their site, which often results in the customer’s failure to choose the insurance.


Chubb is one of the leading insurance companies having their business spread over 50 countries worldwide. When it comes to the topic of liability insurance, we think it is pretty hard to beat Chubb.
Though Chubb is a well-known insurance seller in both personal and business loan segments, for this post, only our main point of discussion will be business loans.

In business loans also, Chubb comes with a wide variety of offerings. From liability insurance up to cuber insurance and even umbrella insurance, Chubb offers all these things.
And that’s the best advantage of choosing Chubb – their wide range of insurance products.
Chubb is also great to choose if the business is home-based as they are currently offering discounts for home-based small businesses.


  • The main disadvantage of Chuub is that to get a quote from them, a business needs to submit quite a number of confidential data that the company may need to keep unpublicized.

FAQ Regarding Best Small Business Insurance

Does every small business require to have small business insurance?

In short, if a small business can’t is categorized into the class of an LLC, it generally needs small business insurance.

What are the typical prices of small business loans in 2022?

The typical price for any small business insurance depends on the business’s industry and the insurance provider. 
But it generally ranges between $5000-$8000 per annum for a GLI (General Liability Insurance). But in some cases, it can be more or less than that range.


We hope that we have been able to present to you some best Small business insurance companies which can be considered for insurance. Please note that this is not a complete list and only includes companies selected based on research done online and in the market. If you have additional queries regarding this particular topic, feel free to ask them.

Best Money Market Mutual Funds

In this article, our discussion will be on the best money market mutual funds of 2022.  Now, the money market may seem like a very new topic for those who do not have in-depth knowledge of the stock market.
Let us understand what the money market is with a short story and how it is different from our general share market –

Money market vs. Share market – Differences:

We all have heard the name of Warren Buffett, often remarked as the greatest investor of all time. When asked about the best process of making money from the stock market, he answered, ‘Patience is the key.‘ To make definite money from the stock market, not only are the selections of great companies enough but also, one must have to keep patience to succeed in the stock market.

But, as usual, we search for ways to get rich quickly. And that is probably the reason why some people do not like the money-making process of the stock market.

That is why there is something called MONEY MARKET – which is a bit different from the stock market, and as per our discussion, you probably have understood the prime difference between the stock market and the money market. The prime difference between the stock market and money market is on the basis of the timespan of investing your capital.

The timespan of capital generation in share market & money market:

While the stock market is for long-term capital generation, the money market is oriented to generate capital in a shorter time span. The stock market deals in equity or direct shareholding of a company, whereas the money you keep in the money market is invested in debt.

Returns in stock market & money market:

Another key difference between the stock market & the money market is the percentage of returns. As the stock market deals with equity, the return you will get in the equity share market will undoubtedly be higher than the money market.

Risk factors in money market & share market:

However, when we talk about the risk involved in the share market & equity market, the scenario changes. It is known that the money you keep in the stock market is subject to market risk, but the money you invest in the money market involves significantly lesser risk as it deals in bonds and debts.
It is hoped that from these comparisons, the difference between the share market & money market is understood.

Now, it is time to compare various money market mutual funds available to invest in the USA.

Vanguard Treasure Money Market Fund:

Vanguard Treasure Money Market Fund is our first pick on this list. The key reason behind our pick is the name associated with the fund. Vanguard is one of the leading investment companies across the globe. As of current data, about 8 trillion dollars is actively managed by Vanguard.

Vanguard Treasure Money Market Fund is an actively managed fund. It is also one of the safest funds out there because this fund invests most of its undermanaged assets in the United States Treasure securities,

The Vanguard Treasure Money Market Fund is primarily a debt fund, which is why 80% of the assets are invested in Government debts. This does not signify that it only invests its assets under the Government, but data from its official website support the aforesaid statistics. The fund’s expense ratio as of today is 0.09% & the minimum amount to invest in this fund is $3000.

Vanguard Treasure Money Market Fund – at a glance:

Asset management companyVanguard
Fund typeActively managed money market fund
Minimum amount of investment:$3000

Pros of Vanguard Treasure Money Market Fund:

  • Has beautifully outperformed the benchmark index
  • Managed by a trustworthy company
  • Very low expense ratio
  • Most of the managed assets are kept under government securities

Cons of Vanguard Treasure Money Market Fund:

  • The minimum investment amount is a bit high

American Century Capital Preservation Fund:

Our next choice is American Century Capital Preservation Fund. However, this fund is mainly for people who are short of money to invest in the aforesaid fund. The minimum amount required to invest in this fund is just $500.

Remember that this is applicable when you do a SIP in this fund. Only in the case of SIPs, the minimum amount to invest in this fund is $500. Otherwise, in a normal case (lumpsum investment), the minimum investment amount is $1000 (still way less than $3000 in the Vanguard fund). But the first thing that disappointed us about the fund was its returns over the years.

The fund has continuously failed to outperform the benchmark index (i.e., the Bloomberg Treasury bill index). This fund’s expense ratio is also comparatively very high – 0.48%.
One should invest in this fund if he/she is searching for a fund that pays dividends at regular intervals. It is one of those few funds which pays a 0.2% dividend on a monthly basis.

American Century Capital Preservation Fund – at a glance:

Asset management companyAmerican Century
Fund typeMoney market fund with a good dividend yield
Minimum amount of investment$2500
Expense Ratio0.48%

Pros of American Century Capital Preservation Fund:

  • Pays dividends at regular intervals
  • Minimum investment amount is not out of reach

Cons of American Century Capital Preservation Fund:

  • Has failed to outperform the benchmark index
  • Comparatively higher expense ratio

Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund:

Now let us get back another money market fund offered by Vanguard. This fund is named Vanguard federal Money Market Fund. From its name, it is clear that the fund assets most of its wealth in bonds offered by The Federal bank. Data tells that 99.5% of the money invested in this fund is invested in cash.

This fund also requires the same amount of money needed to make an investment in the Vanguard Treasure Money Market Fund – the amount is $3000. It keeps 23% of its invested amount in U.S. treasury bills.

Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund – at a glance:

Asset management companyVanguard
Fund typeActively managed money market fund
Minimum amount of investment$3000
Expense Ratio0.11%

Pros of Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund:

  • Run by a popular asset management company
  • Low expense ratio
  • Keeps 99.5% of its assets under the U.S. government

Cons of Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund:

  • The required minimum amount if the investment is a bit higher than the above fund

Fidelity Investments Money Market Portfolio:

Fidelity Investments Money Market Portfolio fund is suitable for those people who have a huge amount of money but do not want to keep that money settled in their bank account for a long time. Instead, you can invest in the fund to earn minimal interest on your money.

The money you will keep in the fund will have high liquidity – just like any other money market fund. This ensures that you can withdraw your money at any time when you will need this.

Unlike the previous Vanguard funds, this fund does not allocate the lion’s share of its assets under bonds issued by banks/cash. It has a typical investment yield of about 25% of its assets which it invests in companies connected to financial services.
Surprisingly, the fund allocates just 2.4 % of its under-managed assets in U.S. Treasury debt.

Fidelity Investments Money Market Portfolio Fund – at a glance:

Asset management companyFidelity
Fund typeMoney market fund
Minimum amount of investment$1000000
Expense Ratio0.21%

Pros of Fidelity Investments Money Market Portfolio Fund:

  • The fund invests its under-managed assets in financial-service-providing companies
  • Creates a well-diversified portfolio

Cons of Fidelity Investments Money Market Portfolio Fund:

  • The minimum amount required for investment is huge – unsuitable for most single individuals.
  • The expense ratio is slightly high

Pimco Government Money Market Fund:

If you have the required money to invest in the aforementioned fund but are not willing to invest in it simply because it has a higher expense ratio – there is a better deal for you – Pimco Government Money Market Fund. Pimco Government Money Market Fund is another good idea to invest in as it tries to act as a fixed income source.

According to their documents, this fund invests in high-quality treasury & other money market instruments. This fund assures that their undermanaged assets are invested only in government securities.

Pimco Government Money Market Fund – at a glance:

Asset management companyPimco
Fund typeMoney market fund providing fixed income
Minimum amount of investment$1000000
Expense Ratio0.14%

Pros of Pimco Government Money Market Fund:

  • Tries to generate fixed income
  • Allocate most of its money under U.S. treasury bills, most of which are secured by the U.S. government
  • Has a lower expense ratio than the previous fund

Cons of Pimco Government Money Market Fund:

  • Like the previous fund, this one also has the same minimum investment amount – 100000
  • Total asset under management is lower than other funds

Federated Hermes Prime Cash Obligations Fund:

The last point we are talking about requires half of the minimum investment amount required for the above two funds. It has a wide amount of diversification in its portfolio. The Federated Hermes Prime Cash Obligations Fund mostly invests its assets under securities offered by banks, corporate companies & the U.S. government. The fund is managed by fund managers having lots of experience.

Fidelity Investments Money Market Portfolio Fund – at a glance:

Asset management companyFederated Hermes
Fund typeActively managed money market fund
Minimum amount of investment$500000
Expense Ratio0.20%

Pros of Vanguard Treasure Money Market Fund:

  • Has a wide range of investment instruments
  • Actively managed fund with fund managers having good past experience
  • Invests in securities issued by banks also

Cons of Vanguard Treasure Money Market Fund:

  • The minimum investment amount is not high as the past two funds – but still slightly higher than a normal salaried individual
  • The expense ratio could be a bit less

Things you should take care of before investing in a money market fund:

Remember that, though money market funds provide you with the facility of liquidity, if you are expecting higher returns on your invested capital – you should not invest that capital in a money market fund.

Most money market funds declare a fixed income by their funds. But there are steal some funds which do not take the responsibility of delivering a fixed income on your capital – while investing in any money market fund, and you should obviously take care of that.

Another thing you need to take care of is that many money market funds have a minimum investment amount beyond our reach – it is better not to go for these funds unless you really have that amount to invest.


So this was the article in which we discussed some quality money market funds. If there are some queries left behind which have been unanswered in this article, feel free to ask us your questions in the comments.